ECC328 | Speed Control


  • Save energy costs by regulating motor speed according to load requirements. GAC components are the best way to govern a generator where tight control of engine speed is desired, regardless of engine load.
  • ECC328 Series – Generating Voltage Frequency / Isochronous Speed ​​Control / Full PID Adjustment / Designed to Govern from AC Generator Frequency Signal / Robust Potted Design / No Magnetic Speed ​​Pickup Needed.
  • Isochronous operation – Genset / Max 260 VAC only – Robust rigid pot design – Gain and stability adjustment – Lower system cost – Signal input must be in the 40 to 80 Hz range.
  • The GAC high-performance speed control system is application-based and consists of four main components: handwheel, magnetic speed pad, speed controller, and an actuator.
  • Application in: military grade equipment, rail, marine, industrial, heavy machinery, gaseous engines, power generation, oil and gas and much more GAC is ISO 9001 certified | We carry the full line of Governors America Corp products, email Thunder Parts your requirements!



Linear Actuator 12V DC | 24V DC • Light-Force (Low-Current Optimized PID)

  • Isochronous operation
  • No magnetic speed pickup required
  • For Genset only – 260 V AC MAX
  • Rugged hard potted design
  • Gain and stability adjustments
  • Lower system cost

The ECC328 speed control unit is an electronic device designed to control engine speed with precise response to transient engine loads changes. The closed loop speed control, when connected to a proportional actuator and supplied with a speed signal/ frequency from the main AC generator, will control a wide variety of engines in an isochronous mode. The speed signal input must be in the frequency range of 40 to 80 Hz.

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ECC328 Installation Manual