Mecc Alte AVR UVR6 | Generic

Power Master Inc.

  • Sensing Input 220~480 VAC
  • Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Power Input 50~280 VAC
  • Voltage Regulation < 1%
  • EMI Suppression


The U.V.R.6/1-F is built with the same technology as the S.R.7/2-G and aside from having the same performances and characteristics it also includes the following specific functions:
Possibility of three-phase as well as singlephase sensing (we suggest to choose this option in case of very unbalanced or non-linear loads); LED’s of self-diagnosis which indicate the machine operating conditions instant by instant. By using the optional device called S.P.D.96/A the information gathered may be remote modified and made available; by doing so additional protections and signalling are available.


Power Master Inc.

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