About Us

Power Master Inc. is a one stop shop for all your generator needs. With more than 15 years experience we can help you find the correct part right away. We carry repair parts for all types of engines such as: diesel generator, locomotives, truck or bus, oil and gas, marine, heavy equipment or hydraulic power, we can keep your engine running smoothly.

We stock automatic voltage regulators AVR’s, control modules, engine preheaters, speed controllers, transfer switches, battery chargers, magnetic pick ups, senders and switches, solenoids, filters and much more. With world leading brands such as HOTSTART, DSE controls, Governors America Corp. GAC.  Contact tech support!

What can we do for you ?

Power Master Inc is carries the most important Generator Parts at the best prices in the market.

Make sure to to contact us if you have any trouble finding your Generator Parts .

Orders ships the same day, it usualy takes a week for you to reseive the part.

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