EEG6500 | Digital Speed Controls


  • Save Energy Cost by regulating the engine speed according to load requirements. GAC components are the best way of governing a generator where strict control of engine speed is desired irrespective of engine load
  • EEG6500 (Multi-VDC / Built-In Display / Terminal Strip / Gaseous or Diesel / Works with all GAC Actuators except 2001) Improved & Simplified LCD User Interface – Fast Setup with 5 push buttons – Lockable Display to Prevent Unauthorized Access – Selectable Isochronous or Droop Governing
  • Built-In Fault Readout – Adjustable Starting Fuel Strategy (Black Smoke Reduction) – Speed Ramping – Includes Standard GAC AUX Input for Synchronizing and Load Sharing – J1939 Engine Data
  • GAC high performance speed control system are application based and consist of four major components: flywheel, magnetic speed pickup, speed controller and an actuator


Multi-V DC • Built-In Display • Terminal Strip • Gaseous or Diesel • Fixed Speeds or Resistive Variable Speed Input

  • Identical mounting hole pattern to ESD5500E
  • Improved and simplified LCD user interface
  • Fast setup with 5 push buttons, no potentiometers
  • Lockable display to prevent unauthorized access
  • 2 fixed speeds (rated/idle) and variable speed
  • Selectable isochronous or droop governing
  • Built-in fault readout
  • Adjustable starting fuel strategy (black smoke reduction)
  • Speed ramping (idle to rated or any speed setting and transient change)
  • Includes standard GAC AUX input for synchronizing and load sharing
  • SAE J1939 engine data
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Part Numbers

EEG6500 (CE) Multi-VDC / Built-In Display / Terminal Strip / Gaseous or Diesel
EEG6550 Multi-VDC / Built-in Display / Gaseous or Diesel / With Speed Switch / Variable Speed 0-5VDC or 4-20mA Direct
EEG7000 Electronic Digital Governor with J1939 TSC1 Capability