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  • Save Energy Cost by regulating the engine speed according to load requirements. GAC components are the best way of governing a generator where strict control of engine speed is desired irrespective of engine load
  • ADC100 – 12 or 24 VDC / Packard Connector without Mating Connector / Includes GA102 | (Stanadyne D Series F.I. Pump / Packard Connector) | ADC100 series provides the function of a fuel shut-off solenoid.
  • High Performance Fuel Control – Maintenance Free Operation – Actuator mounts directly to Stanadyne D Series Pump – No external linkages or brackets required – Faster response than competitive design
  • GAC high performance speed control system are application based and consist of four major components: flywheel, magnetic speed pickup, speed controller and an actuator
  • Application in: Military grade equipment, Rail, Marine, Industrial, Heavy Machinery, Gaseous Engines, Power Generation, Oil & Gas and much more… GAC is ISO 9001 certified | We carry the complete line of Governors America Corp products.



The 100 Series is designed to mount directly to Stanadyne “D” Series fuel injection pumps. When the ADC100 electric actuator is installed on the fuel pump, an integral high performance fuel control system results. No external linkages or brackets are required and no extra Stanadyne parts are needed. In addition when the governor system is de-energized, the ADC100 series provides the function of a fuel shut-off solenoid.

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  • EEG6500 (Digital)
  • ECC328 (No MSP Required)
  • ESD2244
  • ESD2402
  • ESD5120
  • ESD5500-II
  • ESD5520E
  • ESD5570


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