ACD110-12V | Actuator


  • Save Energy Cost by regulating engine speed according to load requirements. GAC components are the best way of governing a generator where strict control of engine speed is desired irrespective of engine load.
  • ENGINE MOUNTED ACD110 Series – 12 or 24 VDC / For Duetz 1011 & 2011 / For 2,3 and 4 Cylinder ACD110-12 or -2412VDC / Deutsch Connector without Mating Connector / Same as ACD110A
  • Easy Installation – Approved by Deutz Diesel – High Quality Construction – Optimum Fuel Control – Fast Response to Transcients – Outstanding Reliability – Designed for High – Temperature Applications – Ideal for Variable and Constant Speed
  • An electronic speed control system consists of four major components: flywheel, magnetic speed pickup, speed controller and an actuator .The speed controller compares the desired speed to the speed measured from the magnetic speed pickup.
  • Control a wide variety of engines with speed control system from GAC | Application in: MILlitary grade equipment, Rail, Marine, Industrial, Heavy Machinery, Gaseous Engines, Power Generation, Oil & Gas and much more… GAC is ISO 9001 certified | We carry the complete line of Governors America Corp products, contact your requirements!


12 V DC • Packard Connector without Mating Connector • Includes GA102

  • Mounts directly to Stanadyne D Series pump
  • No external linkages or brackets required
  • Functions as a fuel shutoff solenoid when governor system is de-energized
  • Faster response than competitive design
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  • EEG6500 (Digital)
  • ECC328 (No MSP Required)
  • ESD2244
  • ESD2402
  • ESD5120
  • ESD5500-II
  • ESD5520E
  • ESD5570


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