Leroy Somer AVR R450 | Original

The R450 AVR is supplied in a casing designed to be mounted on a panel with dampers.

  • Operating temperature: – 30°C to + 65° C. – Storage temperature: – 55°C to + 85°C.
  • Shocks on the base: 9 g depending on the 3 axes.
  • Vibrations: less than 10 Hz, 2 mm half-peak amplitude 10 Hz to 100 Hz: 100 mm/s, above 100 Hz: 8 g.


  • R450 is analog Automatic Voltage Regulator with transistors
  • Single or three phase voltage sensing with optional module
  • Voltage regulation +/- 0.5% at steady state and constant speed
  • Control by transistor means that the regulation quality is independant of applied load
  • Suitable for high levels of vibration and harsh environments
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