Leroy Somer AVR R449 | Original

The regulator includes:

  • A main terminal strip (10 terminals)
  • A secondary terminal block (5 terminals)
  • A frequency selection terminal block (3 terminals) – A quadrature droop potentiometer
  • A voltage potentiometer
  • A stability potentiometer
  • A maximum excitation potentiometer
  • A sensing selection jumper ST1 (single/3-phase with an external module)
  • A response time jumper ST2 – A frequency selection jumper ST3 – An external voltage setting jumper ST4 – A LAM (load adjustment module) jumper ST5
  • From R449 Version E number 10,000, this jumper will be removable.
  • A selecti


The R 449 voltage regulator is of a shunt type. It is designed to fit as standard on A50 to A 54 alternators. It can be supplied with power either by a power VT, or by the AREP field excitation system, or by a single-phase or 3-phase PMG. Using the R 726 external module, the regulator can control the power factor (2F) and can match the alternator voltage to the mains voltage (3F) prior to synchronisation.

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