Leroy Somer AVR R438 | Original

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Fuse: F1on X1,X2.10A;slow-250V

  • Voltage sensing : 5 VA isolated via trans- former • 0-110 V terminals = 95 to 140 V • 0-220 V terminals = 170 to 260 V • 0-380 V terminals = 340 to 520 V for other voltages, a transformer should be used.
  • Voltage regulation ± 0.5%
  • Normal or rapid response time via jumper ST2 (see below)
  • Voltage adjustment via potentiometer P2 or apply a DC voltage of ± 1 V on the terminals of the external potentiometer
  • Current sensing: (parallel operation): input S1, S2 intended for 1 C.T. Š 2.5 VA cl1, secondary 1A (optional)
  • Quadrature droop adjustment via potentio- meter P1


Shunt power supply: max 150V – 50/60 Hz

  • Rated overload current: 10A – 10s
  • Electronic protection: (in the event of overload, short-circuit, loss of voltage sensing) this acts to restore the value of the excitation current to 1A after 10 s. The alternator must be stopped (or the power switched off) in order to reset the protection.
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