ESD5111 Series | Speed Controls


  • This is the best way of governing a generator where strict control of engine speed is desired irrespective of engine load. As the load is added and removed, the governor maintains a constant engine speed, stabilizing the load.
  • The speed control units are application based and can be used with any of GAC’s actuators. Actuator types: throttle body, pump mount, motor mount, and / or universal.
  • Save energy costs by regulating motor speed according to load requirements. Control a wide variety of engines in an isocrat or fall mode. It is designed for high reliability and ruggedly built to withstand the engine environment. Accessory inputs for variable speed load sharing operation available.
  • Application in: military grade equipment, rail, marine, industrial, heavy machinery, gaseous engines, power generation, oil and gas and much more GAC is ISO 9001 certified | We carry the full line of Governors America Corp products, email Thunder Parts your requirements!
  • An electronic speed control system consists of four main components: steering wheel, magnetic speed pad, speed controller, and an actuator. The speed controller compares the desired speed with the speed measured from the magnetic speed pad.


Multi-V DC • Standard Unit

  • Adjustable PID
  • Idle speed adjustment
  • Auxiliary accessory input
  • Temperature-compensated available
  • Soft coupling options available
  • EFC reverse acting options available
  • EFC forward acting
  • Light-force option available

The ESD5100 Series speed control unit is an all- electronic device designed to control engine speed with fast and precise response to transient load changes. This closed loop control, when connected to a proportional electric actuator and supplied with a magnetic speed sensor signal, will control a wide variety of engines in an isochronous or droop mode. It is designed for high reliability and it’s hard potted to withstand the engine environment.

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