EDG5500 | Digital Speed Controls


  • Save energy costs by regulating motor speed according to load requirements. GAC components are the best way to govern a generator where tight control of engine speed is desired, regardless of engine load.
  • The EDG5500 Quikset display allows your operator to monitor and configure parameters without any external monitoring device. No software or PC required. Alpha Numeric display. Numeric display. Display speed, throttle position, Delta speed graph, or current supplied to the actuator. Configurable parameters. Warning indicator.
  • EDG Series Electronic Speed ​​Control – no analog bypass – selectable isochronous or downstream control – overspeed sensor – adjustable starting fuel strategy – black smoke reduction – variable speed control – AUX GAC / load sharing | Simple / Quick Setup LCD Screen UI UI with 5 push buttons, no potentiometers
  • GAC High Performance Speed ​​Control System Features: Identical mounting hole pattern to ESD5500E. Lockable screen to prevent unauthorized access. 2 fixed speeds (idle / idle) and variable speed. Adjustable starting fuel strategy (black smoke reduction). Speed ​​ramping (ramping based on rating or any transient change and speed setting). Overspeed sensor. Magnetic speed input. Includes GAC standard AUX. to sync and share load
  • Application in: military grade equipment, rail, marine, industrial, heavy machinery, gaseous engines, power generation, oil and gas and much more GAC is ISO 9001 certified | We carry the full line of Governors America Corp products, email Thunder Parts your requirements!


Multi-V DC • Built-In Display • Terminal Strip

  • Identical mounting hole pattern to ESD5500E
  • Simple LCD user interface
  • Fast setup with 5 push buttons, no potentiometers
  • Lockable display to prevent unauthorized access
  • 2 fixed speeds (rated/idle) and variable speed
  • Selectable isochronous and droop governing
  • Adjustable starting fuel strategy (black smoke reduction)
  • Speed ramping (idle to rated or any speed setting and transient change)
  • Overspeed sensing
  • Magnetic speed pickup input
  • Includes standard GAC AUX input for synchronizing and load sharing
  • Alphanumeric display
  • Numerical display
  • Display speed, throttle position, delta speed graph, or current being supplied to actuator
  • Configurable parameters
  • Warning indicator

GAC’s EDG5500 digital governor is designed to regulate engine speed on diesel and gasoline reciprocating engines. The EDG is a suitable replacement for any mechanical governor system that needs flexibility, precision, or accurate control of governed speed. The EDG is designed for industrial engine applications from generator sets, and mechanical drives, to pumps or compressors.

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App Note – Gaseous Chevy 8.1L Combined Heat and Power with a GAC ATB and EDG

EDG5500 Installation Manual

EDG5500 Sales Brochure